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Our Team

Amanda Cornhouse

Born in 1972, from a young age Amanda showed signs of ambition and determination beyond her years. Having worked in London, New York and Sydney, Amanda was always ranked as a top performer in the companies that she served. Having crossed the bridge from employee to employer, she has now been running her own businesses for the last 17 years and her dedication has been to add value and support to the companies that she serves. Her background has been within recruitment, search & selection, lead generation and sales but in recent years her market has also moved into supporting firms within many different business verticals including e-commerce as well as the engineering/BIM/architecture. Amanda set up Nexithon as she felt there was a need in the market for a reliable outsourcing firm that could deliver on quality and service. Her business stands for quality and the growth it has seen can be attributed to the trust that she builds and the genuine results that happen. Amanda has the ability to speak to clients and understand their needs, her diverse business, recruitment and strategic background offers a wealth of expertise to plug the gaps that need filing. She offers an approach that identifies a need, creates a solution and analyses the outcome. She is a leader that inspires others to perform at their peak and she continues to reach for the stars. Outside of work, Amanda tries to control her over active mind through yoga, loves walking in the mountains with her family and was born to dance!

Himkar Dubey

Born in 1977, Himkar has 17 years of proven hands-on experience in managing and streamlining operations. An MBA with specialization in Marketing, Himkar is at the helm of several initiatives in technology, applications, processes, customer deliveries and business development. His mission is to create a marked shift in leadership, commitment, creativity and culture with a view to accelerated increase in value delivery. Being an entrepreneur has helped Himkar gain deep and unique insights into all aspects of the business, and the needs of customers across the globe. He provides leadership and overall direction in such strategic areas as business focus, talent management, technology direction and growth strategy. Himkar co-founded Nexithon as he could clearly see a wide gap in the market for a outsourcing services provider who could walk the talk. With Nexithon, Himkar has created a high-performance organization which keeps values and ethics above everything else and where customer satisfaction is the sole mantra driving the organization. Himkar constantly strives to achieve ever higher levels of organizational excellence and customer satisfaction by encouraging responsibility and accountability at all levels. An avid sports person, Himkar loves to swim(both in the swimming pool and the open seas!) and has equal grip on sports including Cricket, Volleyball, Table Tennis and BasketBall. Himkar loves Reggae Music and is a self-proclaimed disciple of the great Reggae singer, Bob Marley.