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Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Custom solutions for your hiring needs

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One-stop solution for all your e-commerce needs

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Sales & Marketing

Engaging customers and accelerating sales at lower costs

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Virtual Assistant

The secret to getting more things done

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Web Support Services

Tech made easy

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Architectural, Engineering & BIM Services

Expand your team with Nexithon Architects, Engineers & BIM Specialists

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About us in Short

The name “Nexithon” is a mix of three words – Next, Information Technology & Marathon. Combining the next wave of human intelligence, the latest in information technology with the intent to partner with our clients aiming for success for the long run. We are not sprint runners instead we take great pride in calling ourselves the Marathon Runners – we will put in the concerted efforts over the long term to ensure that you, our clients are highly satisfied, not just during the honeymoon period at the start but throughout our entire professional , relationship. We don’t want to dash in, make big promises and then disappear. Instead, we, aim to start solidly by understanding your business, making sure we are able to deliver value and only then we will commit to engage. The crucial difference is we are not “Yes” people.

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